Circuit Court Fees

Effective July 1, 2011
AppealMunicipal Court or Administrative Decision record or certiorari 814.61(8)(am)(1)$129.50    
 New Trial 814.61(8)(am)(2)$144.50    
 Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals$15.00    
 Appellate Court$195.00    
ArbitrationAppointment of arbitratorNo Fee    
 Compel, confirm, modify, vacate arbitrators award$164.50    
 Arbitration re: purchase of real property$94.50    
Change of VenueCivil 814.61(2)$75.00    
 Family 814.61(1)(b)&(2)$95.00    
 Family (with request for support of maintenance) 814.61(2); 814.61(1)(b); 814.61(13)$105.00    
 Small Claims 814.61(2)$22.00    
 Discretionary change of venue 801.52; 814.61(2)No Fee    
 Transmitting court 814.61(9)$15.00    
CivilClaim for money judgement greater than $10,000$265.50    
 Claim for personal injury or tort greater than $5,000$265.50    
 *No dollar amount claimed$164.50    
 Petition for writ of certiorari$129.50    
 Third party complaint - greater than $5,000$235.50    
 Third party complaint - less than $5,000$117.50    
 Third party complaint - no dollar amount requested$134.50    
Condemnation AppealsOn the record or by certiorari$129.50    
 New trial$144.50    
Copiesfee per page 814.61(10)(a)$1.25    
FamilyNo support or maintenance (annulment)$184.50    
 Request for support or maintenance$194.50    
 Action by Child Support Agency (fee waived only for paternity cases & Ch. 769)$194.50    
 Enforce legal custody, physical placement or visitation orderNo Fee    
 Grandparent visitation 767.43 (in pending family action)No Fee    
 Grandparent visitation Ch. 767 (new action)$184.50    
 Grandparent post-judgement motion 814.61(7)(a)$30.00    
 Revision of judgment (legal custody or physical placement)$50.00    
 Revision of judgment (other than custody or placement)$30.00    
 Mediation 814.615(1)(a) (payable to Waupaca Co DHHS)$200.00    
 Paternity - acknowledgment of paternity 767.805$184.50    
 Paternity - commence action by private party 814.61(1)(a)$184.50    
 Paternity - with request for support 814.61(13)$194.50    
Foreign Judgmentfile 814.61(6)$15.00    
Forfeiture (Complex) - CX(environmental damage, consumer protection, or other significant violation of the public interest)No Fee    
GarnishmentAmount claimed greater than $10,000$210.50    
 Amount claimed equal to or less than $10,000$92.50    
Minor SettlementPetition to approve minor settlement 807.10$164.50    
 Receive, handle or deposit funds 814.61(12)(a)1$10.00 or .5%    
 Withdraw funds, per transaction 814.61(12)(a)1$10.00    
Name Change $164.50    
Occupational Drivers LicenseFile petition$40.00    
Search(when no case number is provided)$5.00    
Small ClaimsCommence action $10,000 or less (except tort/personal injury)$94.50    
 Commence action $5,000 or less (tort/personal injury)$94.50    
 Crossclaim or counterclaim over $10,000$125.50    
 Third Party Complaint $5,000 or less$117.50    
 Demand for jury trial$89.00    
 Service by mail - per defendant$2.00    
Temporary Restraining OrdersDomestic abuse, child abuse, vulnerable adultNo Fee    
 Harrassment - if petition alleges stalking, sexual assault, physical violence, impaired physical condition or threatsNo Fee    
 Other injunctions & restraining orders - filed as new CV$164.50    
Transcriptfrom Judgment docket 814.61(5)$5.00    
Vital StatisticsAmendments after one year$164.50    
Wage EarnerVoluntary debt proceeding$31.50    
WarrantsTax warrants - filing & docketing$5.00    
 Satisfaction, voidance or withdrawal$5.00    
* The civil filing fee under §814.61(1)(a) may not be collected from a petitioner commencing an action under §813.12 (Domestic Abuse TRO). Instead, the fee shall be collected from the respondent under §813.12 if he or she is convicted of violating a temporary restraining order or injunction issued under §813.12(3) or (4) or a tribal order of injunction filed under §813.12(9).