Roger Holman

Brian Haase
County Conservationist

 Greg Peterson
Engineering Technician

Corey Schuelke
Engineering Technician

 Dan McFarlane
Engineering Technician/GIS

Stefan Stults
Nutrient Management Specialist

Waupaca County Land and Water Conservation Office

(715) 258-6245

The Waupaca County Land and Water Conservation Department was established in 1982. The committee of jurisdiction is a six-member Land and Water Conservation Committee. There are five Waupaca County Board members and one USDA-FSA County Committee member. The Department’s mission is to help develop land use policies, and provide technical assistance to landowners to reduce sources of non-point pollution. The department administers the Water Quality Program, along with various Federal, State and County Natural Resource Programs.


Cost Shared Conservation Practices

Agricultural Sediment Basin.


  Livestock Fencing 70%
Animal Lot Abandonment/ Relocation 70%   Manure Storage Facility 70%
Animal Waste Storage Abandonment 70%   Milkhouse Center Waste Control 70%
Barnyard Runoff Mgmt 70%   Nutrient Management 70%
Contour & Field Stripcropping 70%   Pesticide Management 70%
Contour Farming 70%   Roof for Barnyard Runoff Mgmt &
Manure Storage Facility
Critical Area Stablization 70%   Streambank Rip-rapping 70%
Field Diversions 70%   Streambank Shaping & Seeding 70%
Grade Stabilization Structure 70%   Terraces 70%
Grassed Waterways 70%   Well Abandonment 70%
Intensive Grazing 70%   Wetland Restoration 70%

Waupaca County Farmland Preservation Planning Project

The County is updating its farmland preservation ordinance, originally adopted in 1981. The existing Plan has become significantly outdated and does not reflect existing land use patterns and state requirements. Additionally, the existing Waupaca County Farmland Preservation Plan is scheduled to expire in 2014.

In 2009, the Wisconsin State Legislature passed the Working Lands Legislation which was comprised of three main components: Farmland Preservation Program, Agricultural Enterprise Area Program, and the Purchase of Agriculture Conservation Easement Program (PACE). The Working Lands Legislation contained significant alterations to the Farmland Preservation Program, including greater tax incentives for participation in the program, as well as, a greater array of allowed uses within Farmland Preservation areas.

Key documents are available below: