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County Circuit Court

Circuit Court Judges in Wisconsin are all Trial Court Judges. This means that all civil or criminal actions and proceedings are presided over by a Circuit Court Judge.

Waupaca County has three branches of Circuit Court. Circuit Court Judges are elected every six years. Court Commissioners are attorneys, appointed by circuit Judges to assist in the administration and disposition of the Court's Calendar.


Waupaca County Courthouse
811 Harding St
Waupaca, WI

Branch I

Branch II

Branch III

(715) 258-6430 (715) 258-6425 (715) 258-6437
(715) 258-6440 - Fax (715) 258-6440 - Fax (715) 258-6207 - Fax
Hon. Troy L. Nielsen Hon. Vicki L. Clussman Hon. Raymond S. Huber
Circuit Court Judge, Br. I Circuit Court Judge, Br. II Circuit Court Judge, Br. III
Term expires: 07-31-2023 Term expires: 07-31-2020 Term expires: 07-31-2022
 Jennifer Feldmann Dana Amundson  Rose Coulthart
Court Reporter Court Reporter Court Reporter
 Meagan Waller Yvette Kienert Deborah Berndt
Judicial Assistant Judicial Assistant  Judicial Assistant
  Juvenile Clerk  
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