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Family and Community Services



The FCS Unit serves families who have children with special needs. For more information regarding the programs listed below, please contact at (715)258-6343 or via email, Cristin.Bauch@co.waupaca.wi.us.

The Early Intervention Program (Birth to 3) is a federally mandated program that offers support to families whose children have a delay in one or more areas of development. These developmental areas include communication, movement, thinking skills, social/emotional development, and self-help skills. They may also have a diagnosed condition known to cause delays. Supports may include education, therapy and service coordination. To make a referral to the Birth to 3 Program, contact Nicole Lauritzen at (715)258-6388 or via email, Nicole.Lauritzen@co.waupaca.wi.us. The State of Wisconsin Birth to 3 website is http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/children/birthto3/index.htm.   

The Children’s Community Options Program (C-COP) is for families who have a child, ages birth to 21, who have a developmental delay or diagnosed condition. The program provides service coordination and financial support to assist families to care for their children within the home. C-COP is a new program as of January 2016, website information will be added at a later date. Please contact Cristin Bauch (715)258-6343 with questions. Referrals for this program can be made by calling Hannah Lamers at (715)258-6348, or via email at Hannah.Lamers@co.waupaca.wi.us.

The Children’s Long Term Support Program (CLTS) is a federally and state funded program that provides support to families who have a child with special needs. As in C-COP, this program can serve children birth to 21 years of age. Referrals for this program can be made by calling Hannah Lamers at (715)258-6348, or via email at Hannah.Lamers@co.waupaca.wi.us. The State of Wisconsin CLTS website is https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/clts/index.htm.

The Coordinated Services Teams Program (CST) is designed to develop a comprehensive, individualized system of care for children with complex behavioral health needs. The CST itself is a group that includes family members, service providers, and others that work to develop and carry out a coordinated services plan for the child. This model of care is often referred to as “wraparound.” The result is a Plan of Care that addresses the needs of the child and family with community-based supports, which allows the child to live in their home and community and realize their hopes and dreams.  Referrals for this program can be made by calling Cristin Bauch at (715)258-6343. The State of Wisconsin CST website is  https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/cst/index.htm.

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