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Planning and Zoning Office

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Planning and Zoning

The Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Office

  • Issues Land Use Permits for all structures that will be on your property for more than 30 calendar days in a year (Dupont, Fremont and Harrison issue their own Land Use Permits for properties not in shoreland areas.)
  • Issues Shoreland Permits for all structures within the Shoreland in all Townships, including Dupont, Fremont and Harrison) NOTE: ADOBE - If your applications aren't printing right, you might need to update your adobe
  • Reviews all land divisions to make sure they are compliant with the Waupaca County Subdivision Ordinance
  • Issues all sanitary permits
  • Undertakes Planning activities in five categories: transportation, land use, natural resources, local assistance and economic development

MUKWA RP TO AWT: In 2011, the Town of Mukwa went through a comprehensive rezone process. At that time some properties within the township were zoned as the Resource Protection (RP) District to identify areas that are mapped as wetlands. The Waupaca County Zoning Ordinance was subsequently amended to change the RP base zoning district to an overlay district. Some of the properties impacted were zoned entirely as the RP district and didn't have a base zoning district identified for them. The Town of Mukwa has initiated a Zone Map Amendment process to assign AWT (Agriculture & Woodland Transition) as the base zoning district to these parcels. Public hearings for the Petition of Zone Map Amendments will be held by the Planning & Zoning Committee on Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 10:30 am in the Waupaca County Courthouse, Room Lower Level 42, 811 Harding St, Waupaca WI.  List of rezoned parcels  Map

Public Nuisance Ordinance  Repeal and recreate June 11, 2019

       Comprehensive Planning Projects:

Comprehensive Plan Amendments: The public hearing will be held to gather public input on amendments to the Waupaca County Comprehensive Plan. The Waupaca County Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Waupaca County Board of Supervisors on September 18, 2007. The proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan Preferred Land Use Map are within the Town of Waupaca and the Town of Lebanon. The map amendments are to ensure that the Waupaca County Comprehensive Plan remains consistent with the locally adopted comprehensive plans. Resolution No. 9 (2019-2020) to adopt Comprehensive Plan Amendments in the Town of Waupaca and Lebanon

Notice: Waupaca County shall maintain a list of persons who submit a written or electronic request to receive notice of any proposed ordinance or amendment that affects the allowable use of the property owner by that person. This list shall be updated at least annually.

For those with proposed solar farms or those interested in planning ahead, Minnesota has technical guidance for establishing pollinator habitat (prairie) in solar farms.  Their guidance includes information about seed mixes and densities, options for where to plant pollinator habitat within solar farms, and their state certification process. 
It's available at http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/publications/ewr/prairie_solar_tech_guidance.pdf 



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