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The Planning and Zoning Office issues all Sanitary Permits for the County and inspects all systems for compliance to State codes. Wastewater carries disease-causing bacteria, infectious viruses, household chemicals and excess nutrients that must be removed. If you are not hooked up to city sewer or a sanitary district, your septic system is your wastewater treatment facility (POWTS - Privately Owned Wastewater Treatment System). Though it is much less complicated than a city's facilities, it serves a similar purpose; to protect public health and prevent pollution.

Wells are regulated by the DNR. Please click here.

Septic Maintenance Program

DSPS 383.50 requires that all Counties in Wisconsin establish a maintenance program to ensure that all POWTS will be inspected, evaluated, maintained and serviced so that the POWTS will operate as designed and thereby protect the public health and waters of the State. Septic tanks must be inspected at least every three years and pumped when needed. We mail out forms 3 years from date of last service. See the FAQ for more information.

Waupaca County is currently soliciting a request for proposal for the installation of a 3-bedroom conventional septic system.  All proposals must be received at the Waupaca County Planning & Zoning Office, 811 Harding St, Waupaca WI NO LATER THAN 2pm on December 4, 2018. Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and labeled SEPTIC REPLACEMENT PROJECT. All proposals shall be delivered by US mail or hand delivered. Emailed or Faxed submissions will be rejected outright. Waupaca County may request interviews.

For questions please contact Lara Pagel, POWTS Inspector at 715-258-6257.

Proposals will be opened publicly 10am on December 5th at the Waupaca County Courthouse, 811 Harding St., Room 1081, Waupaca, WI.

RFP Notice
RFP Design  The system has been designed by Stuczynski Soils and Design LLC. The proposal must be in strict conformity with the designed system.

Septic Information


Contractor Lists
These are not complete lists of all available contractors, but rather a list of those commonly doing work in Waupaca County and requesting that they be included on this list. Addresses and phone numbers provided are based upon information furnished by the contractors. The list of contractors shown is intended as information only and does not constitute an endorsement of their services over any other business that may be available to provide the same service to you.
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