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Waupaca County Sheriff - Patrol Division

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Waupaca County Sheriff - Patrol Division

The most visible deputies are those that drive marked patrol cars. Patrolling more than 346 miles of County Roads, located in an area that covers 750 square miles. Deputies handle over 8,000 complaints per year. Waupaca County Deputies are located in numerous cities throughout Waupaca County, making them readily available to assist the public when an emergency arises.

Our effort as a County Sheriff's Office is to investigate, control, enforce laws, and to develop educational efforts, which attempt to integrate people, vehicles, highways within a safe traffic environment. The effort and ultimate goal can be effective in reducing the toll of deaths, injuries, and property damage resulting from the operation of motor vehicles upon our streets and highways.

Each traffic accident possesses its own unique elements. The responsibility of the Waupaca County Accident Reconstructionist is to observe effectively and completely, reach sound conclusions, and to make the investigation meaningful and valuable. Some crash investigations may be very difficult because there are no survivors. Therefore the crash must be reconstructed from physical evidence alone.

Professional crash investigation and reconstruction can only be enhanced by immediate response to the crash scene so a complete and thorough cause analysis review can be conducted. No traffic crash is routine or commonplace, it is sometimes a frightening and grim reality for the participants and their families.

Accident investigation/reconstruction is more than just an occupation. It is more of an art form than that of a science. It requires extreme dedication of time, commitment, analysis of detail and deductive reasoning. It is a constant search for details and a follow up with a logical solution.

An accident investigator/reconstructionist must always remember that they are dealing with a human life. A detailed and complete investigation could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration or an injured party recovering his or her health or financial losses. A good investigator can always say, "I have done my best for the people who have needed me the most; therefore I can sleep at night with a clear conscience."

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