Environmental Health

Food Safety & Recreational License Program (FSRL)

Waupaca County DHHS is an agent of the State for Department of Health Services, Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Safety & Professional Services. The Environmental Health (EH) unit licenses and inspects restaurants, retail food facilities, public swimming pools, lodging facilities, campgrounds, recreational and educational campgrounds, tattoo & body piercing, and manufactured home communities.  This program typically issues around 550 licenses per year.

Transient Non-Community Public Drinking Water Program

Waupaca County DHHS is also an agent of the State for the Department of Natural Resources.  The EH unit samples drinking water for testing and inspects wells at establishments that provide drinking water to the public such as restaurants, bars, churches, parks, and others.  Currently there are 176 TN establishments in Waupaca County.

Environmental Health Hazards

The EH unit also provides support in environmental health hazards such as indoor air quality, drinking water quality, surface water quality, sewage concerns, and many other nuisance issues.

Waupaca County Ordinance Chapter 10 Nuisances/Health Hazards                     WI Statute Chapter 254 Environmental Health


Food Safety & Recreational Licensing

Environmental Health Hazards

Transient Non-Comm Drinking Water