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Waupaca County - Quick Facts

  Waupaca County was created by the State Legislature on February 17, 1851. Slight boundary changes were made until the present 22 townships were established in 1891. Waupaca County is located in east central Wisconsin approximately midway between Green Bay and Stevens Point. The City of Waupaca is the largest municipality by population and serves as the county seat.

  Waupaca County encompasses approximately 760 square miles of which about 17 square miles is surface water, 420 square miles is farmland, 202 square miles is forested, 97 square miles is wetland, leaving about 24 square miles designated as urban area that includes six cities and six villages. The county has adopted land use controls to insure logical development within the county, including the protection of environmentally sensitive areas.

What are the main duties of the Land Information Office?

  • Operate under and maintain a five year land records modernization plan (Plan Document).
  • Support the software and hardware (servers) that run the GIS/Land Records System (LRSYS)
  • Maintain the data stored in the GIS/LRSYS
  • Develop new data based on user needs
  • Identifiy county departmental tasks that could benefit from GIS/LRSYS data
  • Assist county departments with special GIS-related projects
  • Generate hard-copy maps by request
  • Conduct GIS spatial analysis
  • Provide internal/external access to maps/GIS data using various web technologies
  • Foster GIS-related relationships between governmental entities
  • Distribute GIS data by request
  • Educate GIS/LRSYS users, including the general public
  • Assign new addresses for structures being built in any of the 22 townships
  • Coordinate address maintenance efforts throughout the county.

Why does the Land Information Office (LIO) exist?

  In 1989 the Wisconsin Land Information program and the Wisconsin Land Information Board was created by Wisconsin Act 31, that would establish a mechanism for land records modernization statewide. Wisconsin Act 339, also enacted in 339, provides a funding source and identifies policies for the program's successful implementation. Together these acts provide the basis and the context for the program and will continue to be an integral part of the planning process. See Wisconsin Department of Administration for more information DOA - WLIP.

  Recognizing the need and benefits of modernization and automation, department heads held a meeting on September 1, 1989 to discuss geographic information system (GIS) technology and the opportunity for Waupaca County to institute organized, integrated and improved methods of maintaining land records. The need for automated mapping and land records modernization was brought before the Waupaca County Board of Supervisors soon after, and they too became involved in the planning process. The county board recognized the need for land records modernization and the following year established the Waupaca County Land Information Office by formal resolution on June 19, 1990. A Land Information Committee was formed consisting of department heads from Real Property Listing, County Surveyor, Data Processing, Land Conservation, Emergency Government and UW-Extension. It was further resolved that the Land Information Committee would work through the Land Conservation Committee, a standing committee of the Waupaca County Board of Supervisors. A standalone Land Information Committee was established on December 15, 1992. Soon after, on December 18, 1992 a Land Information Officer was appointed to oversea the county land records modernization program.