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Jail Division - Sentencing / Visitation

Sentencing / Visitation
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Starting a Sentence

A sentence start date must be established with a Corrections Sergeant. This can be done Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the front lobby of the Waupaca County Law Enforcement Center.

All individuals booked into the Waupaca County Jail are required, per County Ordinance 6.0, to pay a $25.00 booking fee. If starting a sentence exercising Huber Law privileges, the weekly fee of $140.00 must be paid before any work release is granted.

One week prior to starting a sentence, a work schedule, along with drivers information (valid drivers license, proof of registration, and proof of insurance) must be submitted for verification prior to starting a sentence. This is necessary in order to ensure your work release.

Huber inmates are allowed to bring three sets of clothing, a jacket, and one pair of shoes. No other items will be allowed into the facility.


Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday & Thursday

Read Visitors Notice

All visitors are subject to wand or pat-search at any time.

Introducing unauthorized items or aiding in an escape will result in prosecution on felony charges.

You must be on an inmate's approved visiting list.

Visitation will be denied for any person who appears to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or otherwise disruptive behavior.

Visits are limited to 30 minutes twice weekly by appointment only, at least 24 hours in advance.

A valid photo I.D. is required for admission.

A Visitor Badge will be issued to all visitors and must be worn throughout the visit and returned to the officer when the visit is completed.

Only Four (4) persons, including children may visit at one time. A parent or legal guardian must accompany children under the age of 18.

Children under the age of ten (10) must be supervised at all times and MAY NOT be left unattended in the Lobby or other areas of the Sheriff's Office.

Personal property such as packages, handbags , coats, hats or other personal property cannot be taken to the Visitation Area. Lockers are provided to store items while visiting or you may lock them in your vehicle. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY.

Acceptable property listed below will only be received during visitation times.

  • Bank cashiers check or cash for inmates.

  • Prescription glasses, medication, Dentures.

  • One soft cover bible or religious study text.

  • Physician approved medical devices (heart monitors, braces) must provide written documentation indicating the need.

  • Personal clothing appropriate for trial hearings, if ordered by the Court.

  • Huber Clothing ( They can only have the specified number of clothing per Policy).

Loitering or being in an unauthorized area in the Law Enforcement Center or the Jail area is not permitted.

No loitering is permitted on the Second or Third Floor Corridors in visiting area. When you are through visiting, you will return to the Main Lobby.

Appropriate dress is required: shoes, shirt, no transparent materials, tube tops. Clothing must cover the areas from top of shoulders down to the mid-thigh area. Any removal or rearrangement of clothing during the visit will result in the termination of visitation privileges.

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