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Business Hazardous Waste Material 

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                                            Household Hazardous Waste
Waupaca County Solid Waste & Recycling does not accept business generated hazardous material.  

Businesses may contact Brown County Hazardous Material Facility for year-round hazardous material collection service. Hazardous material is any solid, liquid, or contained gaseous material that is no longer used and has one or more of the following characteristics: 
-Flammable liquids (gas, charcoal lighter, paint thinner)
-Paint (lead & oil based only)
-Stain, varnish, shellac
-Concrete sealer, black top sealer
-Halogenated solvents (degreasers, cleaners)
-Aerosols (includes aerosol pesticides)
-Acids/bases (corrosives, drain cleaners) 
-**Pesticides (non-aerosol) 
-Poisons (cyanide) 
-Oxidizers (hypochlorite pool chemicals)
-Flammable solids (flares) 
-Peroxides (hardeners for fiberglass) 
-Mercury thermometers
**Pesticides in powder form must be double bagged to ensure containment. 

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