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Out of County Resident HHW Pricing

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Waste Type Out of County Pricing
Flammable Liquids (gas, charcoal lighter, paint thinner) $.70/lb
Paint (lead and oil-based only) $.90/lb
Stain, Varnish, Shellac $.70/lb
Concrete Sealer, Blacktop Sealer $.70/lb
Halogenated Solvents (degreasers, cleaners) $.1.30/lb
Aerosols (incl. aerosol pesticides) $1.60/lb
Acids/Base (i.e. corrosives, drain cleaners) $1.60/lb
Pesticides (non-aerosols), Poisons (cyanide) $2.00/lb
Oxidizers (hypochlorite pool chemicals) $3.55/lb
Flammable Solids (flares) $8.50/lb
Peroxides (hardeners for fiberglass) $12.00/lb
Mercury $15.00/lb
Mercury Thermometers $.55/ea
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